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spiicka ceramics

Venus necklace no. 22 gold plated chain

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Earth, my body.
Water, my blood.
Air, my breath
And Fire, my Spirit.

The elements shape these women sculptures to form a necklace, a talisman as a symbol of strength, self-empowerment, and tenderness. The women expose a diversity of bodies, with curves and soft rolls. Normalizing women’s bodies, presenting them as an altar, not to be hidden away. Our bodies are an oracle, whispering our deep inner intuitive knowing.

Not just a necklace but a little piece of woman art around our neck, connecting you to your female strength and creative wisdom. Reminding you to love yourself deeply and you beeauiful curves.

Just like every body is unique, so is your necklace, one piece only intuitively hand-sculpted with love.

Gold-plated box chain; 50cm; fully finished with a clasp. Beautiful to wear as is or to attach a pendant or charm. Also pairs well with other necklaces to create layers. 

Woman is about 1.5 cm.