1-1 Monthly Creative Mentorship


A nurturing space for creators, dreamers, artists and women who are ready to step into their power and embrace the abundant source of creativity.

For she who is seeking to live a life that tastes like a peach pie; free, with a seasonal feel, all while pursuing her purpose in life. For her who doesn't want to play by the rules and instead wants to find her own creative way to be, present an alive.

Do you have questions, a creative dream to unfold or do you need a helping hand to guide you towards your goals? Bring it all together in this space.

Every approach will be deeply personal, to meet your needs. This can have a very practical side concerning questions and guidance about entrepreneurship, pricing, the practical side of ceramics, being an artist or any other concerns. Or we can delve deeper into guiding in the spiritual realm. When you feel that you want to connect with your creativity on a deeper level, overcome certain blockages, obstacles, limiting beliefs. When you want to feed your creative intuitive fire in a way that supports and nourishes you.

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For who?

This space can be for her who desires to release control and perfectionism, seeking to dwell in surrendercreation and the manifestation of her dreams in the world.

For her who wishes to stop pushing in her life and listen to her body's whispers.
She who feels a deep knowing that it can be different, guided by her inner strength, intuition, and the natural rhythms of life.
She who wants to live from softness, creative power and connect from that feeling with herself and her environment.
For she who wants to set things in motion on a physical and energetic level.

For she who could benefit from a guiding hand in her business or its start, this is a safe sanctuary to ask questions, brainstorm ideas or have speficiek topics to focus on and expand dreams

For she who is inspired and feels an intuitive yes to embark on this journey together with Katya.

If something got you inspired or triggred, you're in the right place. I offer a sanctuary for those seeking guidance on accomplishing hard things with a gentle touch. I believe in creating a life led by your own rules, where authenticity drives your choices and success is determined by your own standards. Together we go on a journey of discovery, growth and feminine empowerment.

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  • 4 voicenotes / month from about 10 - 20 minutes
  • Every month: short orientation call from +|- 30 minutes to see where you at
  • Package: 3 months or 6 months
    3 months: 227,- / month
    6 months: 187,- / month
    Try out: 1 month: 277

    After receiving your payment, I will contact you to start the process.
    If you have any questions in advance, please reach out.


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To give an example of the expansive range of topics that we can openly explore together

  • Specifiek question you want to dive deeper into

  • One-on-one guidance in intuitive creation, handbuilding techniques, learning the wheel, glazes or other things concerning ceramics

  • for those who want to open their soul to create soulful and inspired ceramics 

  • General creative guidance

  • Unfolding into a spiritual realm together to grow and connect wih your authentic intuitive voice

  • Guidance in showing yourself online, social media, photography, branding- Exploration of blockage in price setting, money mind set, authentic selling

  • Guidance out of selfdoubt and insecurity into owning your talents and purpose

  • seeking collaboraions and clients

  • specifiek quesion about being an artist, generating income, launching products, design, creating from within

  • seasonal planning and nourishment 

  • setting bounderies, finding flow and time for your dreams