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spiicka ceramics

filled cup ash glaze craquelé small

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an ode to find beauty in simplicity. Its unique character is accentuated by a natural ash glaze, collected  from the warmth of my stove, adding a touch of earthy authenticity to each sip. Not only creates this a more sustainable practice but also results in glazes that bear the essence of the environment, letting the tree live further in your cup.


The ceramics are fired at 1255°C, making them completely foodsafe and waterproof. Which means they are dishwasher proof. I do however recommend washing handmade ceramics by hand since it's more gentle and will lasts longer. 
Each piece is turned by my hand, where every turn is a new dance. Therefore your piece may differ slightly from the one shown in the picture.
The cups are 
textured and feel rough. 

approx. measurements 
ø 8 cm 
h 5 cm

150 ml


The cup is signed.