Agape basin no.5

The highest form of love, selfless. Unconditional love, persists no matter the circumstance

An interplay between transience, texture and sense of touch. In these series of basins, imperfections are embraced as a liberating feeling and a treasured aesthetic. Cracks and the purity of creation make us feel a place where time has no presence, a coming home to the self.
Different layers of clay and slib react to the tactility of your hands and eyes and make you stop, be present and reflect.

The basin is painted with black slib through a slow process. This approach is intended to allow interaction between the ceramic object and the participant and allow the different aspects of each piece's personality emerge over time and with use.

The finish of each firing will include a range of colors, each unique as no basin is the same, each with its own soul, ever-changing, emphasizing the natural variations of the clay and glaze materials.

Technical details

dimensions : Ø400mm x h120mm. as every basin is made to order the dimensions can be adjusted according to your wishes

drain hole : designed for a 40mm drain (not included)

stopper : matching stopper with a size of approximately 75mm

notes : sizing and the outcome of the glaze is subject to variations as this is a handmade product
manufactured in a highly sustainable way