Herbs and their divine powers

wild smoke wand for inner guidance / Belgian blend 

A finely handmade wild picked smoke wand to use as incense and guide you through your daily rituals. A perfect combination for a calm and elevating atmosphere. With a high view on sustainability and the use of local herbs in abundance.
Incense rituals are one of the oldest rituals in human history to create certain emotions and powers. Every culture and region has his own sacred herbs that are growing locally and can be used as incense, ritual guidance and for energy cleansing. A real healing treasure of Mother Earth native to our culture, carefully picked and assembled when growing in abundance. 

Herbal smoke releases odor molecules that reach our limbic system through the nose. This part of our brain controls our emotions, motivation, pleasure and emotional memory. Smoking herbs releases medicinal qualities that are inside the cells. Not only cleans this the air in the room, it is also a fast way to use its beneficial properties to support lung, brain and skin functions. 

This wild smoke wand for inner guidance contains the following herbs 

Mugwort or artemisia vulgaris also known as black sage, is the mother of all sacred herbs. Mugwort dispels negative energy and thoughts. Protects and activates your inner independent strength. Guide you through your daily transformation of letting go of what does not serve you.
Artemisia vulgaris is associated with Artemis, the Greek Goddess of the Moon and the Wilderness who archetypes both the Wise and the Wild woman.
This native plant has been used for smoking rituals for centuries during summer and winter solstices and rough nights. A warm aniseed scent with a taste of mild spicy peppermint


goldenrod or Solidago can be used to evoke an abundant mindset. Solidago means "to make whole" which speaks to its healing power to strengthen lost or wrecked pieces of yourself and gently reunite them.


Tansy or Tanacetumais a powerful herb to call in protection and to honor the cycle of life. When Zeus fell in love with the charming man Ganymede, he was given Tansy to make him immortal. During the transformation from autumn to winter this herb remains the longest making it seem eternal.
A mild balsamic scent that brightens up the atmosphere.


Pinus to call abundance, resilience and physical healing and to use when seeking a deepening path. Pine is connected to Mars, the wandering start. It is an incredibly energetic herb that has been used for its rejuvenating qualities and to keep sickness at a distance.
The warm, earthy and woody scent elevates the mood, calms the mind and guides you forward on your path.


Yarrow or Achillea millefolium is a herb to bring balance, to reinforce our feminine energy and to connect with our intuïtion.

wild marjoram

wild marjoram or 'Mountain Joy' has an enlightening, relaxing and optimistic effect. It’s a real mood booster.
Traditionally marjoram was used in wedding ceremonies as it is sacred to Venus, her son Hymen and to the Earth Goddess Gaia herself. In modern spirituality marjoram can be used to connect with a departed loved one or with the spirits of the ancestors.

And other powerful herbs picked intuitively when found in abundance, guided by knowledge of their beneficial properties like queens anne lace, lemon balm, hogweed and others.

How to use this smoke wand

Slow down and take your time. Focus on your breathing. Light the bundle of incense at the top, let it burn a little, and then blow out the flame. Now a glow and smoke forms. By blowing gently or by swinging it back and forth you keep the embers alive. You can spread the smoke throughout the room or focus on cleansing your body. When cleansing your body I suggest using the smoke wand before and after a (preferably cold) shower. Sink into your body and release all the tension. Listen to that inner voice and dare to give in to what it whispers. To extinguish you can use our smoke wand jar with or without water or sand in it or let it burn out. Now ventilate well and let in new energies. 
Caution: High temperatures are created when smoking. Do not leave the incense unattended. The smoke can irritate the respiratory tract and eyes. Pay special attention to younger children. If you smoke, you do so at your own risk. We do not accept any liability.

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