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spiicka ceramics

Yuzamashi / tea pitcher soft pink

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Inspired bij de traditional way of making and drinking Japanese tea. A Yuzamashi or water cooler is a tea service accessory to adjust the water temperature when brewing tea. This pitcher can be a companion for brewing tea, to watch the leaves infuse, or to whisk your matcha in and pour in to your cup.
This pitcher has a slender spout, for those who want to listen to the soothing sound of water during this process of slowing down

I love to brew my tea in a pitcher or serve a ceremonial cacao in it and divide into cups afterwards.  

Covered with a soft pink  glaze and playful ash glazed parts, which are made in our studio with great care and precision.

approx. measurements 
ø 11 x 8 

Every piece is uniquely made to be drawn to you and illuminate your days.

The ceramics are fired at 1255°C, making them completely waterproof. Which means they are dishwasher proof. I do however recommend washing handmade ceramics by hand since it's more gentle and will lasts longer. 

Each piece is turned by my hand, where every turn is a new dance. Therefore your piece may differ slightly from the one shown in the picture.