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spiicka ceramics

Make a special tea bowl, saucer + spoon / Saturday 30.09

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An exploration of raw textures, techniques, opening the senses - experiencing softness

This immersive workshop is an invitation to disconnect from the ordinary and reconnect with your creativity, intuition, natural elements and senses that go beyond the surface. Encouraging you to explore, experiment, and delve into the world of clay with a newfound appreciation for the beauty in every imperfection

We will explore the varieties of making a very special ritual tea bowl, saucer and spoon, inspired and shaped together with natural elements.

Rituals are often about creating meaningful moments. A handmade set will add depth to your rituals and ceremonies. The process of preparing and sipping tea becomes a ritual in itself, with each element of the set contributing to the ambiance and significance of the moment.

Allow during this workshop your intuition to guide your hands, creating a piece that resonates with your inner self. A journey of self-expression. With every curve you shape and every texture you imprint, you're weaving a narrative that speaks to your individuality and connection to nature.

The experience

Textures That Tell Stories

Delve into the world of textures that are more than just visual aesthetics. Feel the subtle ridges and gentle curves beneath your fingertips, as they narrate tales of natural elements and organic growth. From the smoothness of river stones to the rustic charm of tree bark, discover how textures can evoke emotions and memories.

Techniques that Transform
During this workshop I will guide you through an array of handbuilding techniques, allowing you to feel and transform clay into functional art. Learn to shape, coil, and carve as you infuse your candle holder with your artistic expression. Each technique tells a story, turning clay into a canvas of creativity.
Opening the Senses
Step out of your head and into a realm of feeling and intuition.  Engage in a sensory journey with clay – feel its coolness against your palms as you shape it through the ancient art of handbuilding. Embrace the tactile connection and savor the lingering scent of earthiness. 
Experiencing Softness
Softness isn't just a physical attribute; it's an emotion that resonates. As you create, let the softness of clay mirror the tenderness within you. Watch as the rigidity of raw material transforms into gentle curves, reminding us of the power of transformation and growth.
Elements of Earth

Just as nature thrives with variations and asymmetry, we will learn to cherish imperfections as a sources of beauty. Through guided exercises, you'll explore how irregularities can lend character and depth to your creations. The elements around us become our teachers. Leaves, rocks, and organic patterns guide our hands, imprinting unique textures onto our clay pieces.

Creating with Intention
By embracing imperfections, we embrace authenticity. Each piece becomes a reflection of our personal journey, mirroring life's beauty in all its diverse forms.




  • Date: Saturday 30/09
  • Time: from 10 a.m. until 12 a.m.
  • Location: spii.c.ka ceramics studio in Westerlo
  • Investment: €89

I will guide you through some techniques to get you started and offer help when needed. You can work from within your intuition in creating these pieces or start from a design that inspires you.
You do not need any experience to participate in these workshops. For those who already have some or a lot of experience, these workshops can be a nice addition to your practice to work from your intuition and in contact with natural elements, as well as to learn how to bring imperfections into your work.

After the workshop, your pieces will be bisque fired by me. For glazing you can book a monthly glaze class to come and glaze your pieces yourself with a natural glaze or during an introduction to glazes that will find place in Januari 2024. It's also possible that I glaze your pieces. Price is determined by what and how much you make, varying around  €11.


You can request an invoice for this workshop after purchase via, additional 21% VAT will be added for professionals. 

Payment in installments (2x) is possible, you can always email for this or other questions.

The workshop takes place from a minimum of 4 participants. If there are not enough participants, the tuition will be refunded or the course will be rescheduled.

In case of real bad weather, the workshop cannot take place, the workshop can then be moved or you can opt for a gift voucher.

If you are unable to attend, you can cancel the workshop up to one month before the course. An administration fee of €35 will be charged for this.

If you cancel less than a month before the course, the workshop will not be refunded unless you find a replacement yourself or someone on the waiting list can take your place. If this asks any intervention from the host, an administration fee of €35 will be charged for this.