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spiicka ceramics

ikebana soft colour palet

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Crafted with devotion and finesse, this hand shaped ikebana vessel embodies the essence of nature's grace. Designed for the practice of ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arrangement. This vessel is your invitation to flow with your creativity and to express yourself through a minimalist and harmonious approach of arranging flowers, stems, and branches, influencing the overall aesthetic and balance of the composition.

When not holding flowers, this vessel can also be used a bowl to hold fruit. 

Approx. Measurements 
w 12 x  h 20

Every piece is uniquely made to be drawn to you and illuminate your days.

The ceramics are fired at 1255°C, making them completely waterproof. Which means they are dishwasher proof. I do however recommend washing handmade ceramics by hand since it's more gentle and will lasts longer.