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spiicka ceramics

painted filled cup

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nspired by the way of finding beauty in the imperfect and slowness. 
The cups are made by combining black and white clay. Each cup has her own turn and is completely unique.

This cup can be your special cup with the beautiful intention to always fill your own cup first. 

Our cups are created intuitively by hand. From the first contact with the fresh clay torn from the pack to the way the glaze is applied.
While turning I try to ground myself by looking for a connection with the clay, to feel which direction our dance will go.
This gives the cups an intention to be your daily reminder to slow down, to feel the earthy clay and to be in the moment that presents itself to you.
A reminder to take a deep breath, to open your senses and give yourself that little moment to fill your cup. Whether it’s feeling the warmth of your herbal tea or to have a dance with the light, the moment is yours, you decide.

Only when our own cup is filled we can be present in this world and give attention back from a place of abundance. The cup can be your daily invitation to check in with ourselves and to see if you have provided yourselves with self-care oxygen.

Together with the cup you will receive a ritual card to reinforce this intention even more. A perfect present for someone special that you would like to gift the invitation to be present in the moment and make space for some well deserved self-care. 

The ceramics are fired at 1255°C, making them completely waterproof. Which means they are dishwasher proof. I do however recommend washing handmade ceramics by hand since it's more gentle and will lasts longer. 
Each piece is turned by my hand, where every turn is a new dance. Therefore your piece may differ slightly from the one shown in the picture.

approx. measurements 
ø 8,5 cm 
h 9 cm

The cup is signed.