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spiicka ceramics

chawan I white #10

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Inspired by the traditional way of drinking tea and finding beauty in the imperfect. The presence of inspired hand crafted items enhances the joy and tranquility of your tea ritual. 

This unique chawan invites contemplation, celebrating simplicity's profound beauty. 

The art of chawan-making is an fusion of various techniques, where handbuilding techniques are combined with the mastery of the potter's wheel, each step is a tribute to creativity and expertise. 
The white glaze's depths reveal pure elegance. Light dances gracefully, creating soothing shadows. Its gentle texture inspires calm and reflection, adapting to context. 


The ceramics are fired at 1255°C, making them completely waterproof. Which means they are dishwasher proof. I do however recommend washing handmade ceramics by hand since it's more gentle and will lasts longer. 
Each piece is turned by my hand, where every turn is a new dance. Therefore your piece may differ slightly from the one shown in the picture.

approx. measurements 
ø 10,5 x h 9
450 ml

The chawan is signed and unique, only one piece is available.